Generation 3.0 NFT Pack Announcement

The World Of Botanica
☀️Generation 3.0 NFT Pack Announcement☀️
In Each Seed, A Monsters Is Ready To Sprout.

☀️Within This Release, 115 New Digital Collectables From The World Of Botanica. Pack sales start 23th May at 11 UTC with two packs available, The Collector’s Pack of 30 Seeds and the Standard Pack of 5 Seeds.

🌿All NFT Seeds Can Be Unpacked To Standard Edition Monsters.

🌿Unpacking & Germinating Seeds
The seeds you collect from the initial sale can be unpacked as each seed contains a monster, When germinating a seed a TWOB monster will grow. Check the TWOB website for seed probability and outcomes.

💥All Standard Edition Monsters Come With Blending/Crafting Options To Unlock Limited Animation Editions.

💥Unlock Limited Editions
Blend, Craft and Burn your duplicate generation 3 monsters to unlock Limited Animation Editions with fixed supply and rarity.

🍄 15 Seeds To Collect — Unpack 15 different seed types all with diverse scarcity and monsters to unlock.

🍄 50 New Standard TWOB Monsters

🍄 50 New Animation TWOB Monsters

🍄 50 New Blending and Crafting Options

🍄 2 Packs
Standard Pack — 5 seeds
Collectors Pack — 30 seeds

☀️Mint Race For Lower Mints (Not Pre-Minted).

Coming Soon


TWOBs, A unique set of plant-based NFT collectable monsters built on the Wax blockchain.

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